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Arraial D'Ajuda

Cosmopolitan, rustically charming and full of natural beauty, this "village" that looks more like a small town (quirky and totally different from municipality to which it belongs, Porto Seguro) is a must for anyone who wants to take a trip of pure style!


 – The multicolored beautify the Arraial is in everything, sharing space with rustic architecture, hostels expressing feelings, amazing restaurants. Every corner, a style.


 – Beautiful beaches and transparent welcome the sun each morning and so delicate and subtle golden everyone can enjoy a well dosed with the pleasure of music, friends and beach tents.


 – in every street, every corner, the friendliness of its people makes it warm every corner of this beautiful camp. Morning, afternoon and night full of novelties to delight those looking for fun and unique ideas hobby.


 – Contact with nature and the desire to satisfy the senses of those who seek relaxation in Arraial, the original touch is everywhere, bringing a visual stripped and cozy.


 – "Here is a corner of the world," someone once said. People and diverse culture, a bit of the world is here: music, dance, art, gastronomy, hospitality.


 Meet, stroll, enjoy the Arraial is out of the routine is to live freely, is to seek the affinity that is in everything and everyone.


 – Extension of beautiful beaches. Clear and transparent waters. Tents with typical foods, seafood and drinks offer one of the largest infrastructure of the Brazilian coast. Joy is permanent where all meet and enjoy good music and good conversation.


– Chefs national and international cuisine greats turned Arraial one of the biggest names in gastronomy geared to tourists who want to enjoy "la belle cuisine". Typical restaurants, charming, warm and exotic make any unforgettable taste.


Beautiful beaches and transparent welcome the sun each morning and so delicate and subtle. Everyone can enjoy a golden well dosed with the pleasure of music, hiking, friends and beach huts.


Situated on the banks of the River Buranhém, the beach includes a passage in which the sea offers good conditions for swimming at any time of the tides. Natural pools formed during ebb tide, allowing the free diving. It is the entry and exit at the mouth of the Rio Buranhém for crossing the ferry that connects Porto Seguro.


Owner of a calm sea, thanks to the presence of coral reefs, the beach is to feature the high occurrence of shells in the sand, and the emergence of many natural pools during low tide. Located 3 km north of the Camp.


You'll come by when walking to the beach Araçaípe. It is picturesque, full of boats, tent beach is famous for its fried fish ... Very popular with locals and antivos Village.


The beach that has a great tourism infrastructure, hosting the big water park in town. Its sands are understood by a very wide range, and its sea is quite calm, featuring natural hot pools and transparent.


Summer is the meeting point of youth. At the site, a great venue of the same name, promotes the busiest holidays of the entire region of Porto Seguro. Great for swimming at all stages of the tide, it is also a center for water sports.


So is Pitinga, bathed with warm water and transparent, full of charm, with strong waves breaking on the reefs near the shore, sea green, cliffs on all sides and soft sand. At low tide, forming natural pools, which end up being better for the bathroom and the main attraction of the place.


Excerpt from small beaches and Taípe Pitinga, identified by a small tent and a cliff - here is that when it rains a lot, it forms a small waterfall and pond that. Access on foot from Taípe (15 ') or Pitinga (25').


Located in a region of lush cliffs, this little piece of paradise semidesert presents excerpts of untouched native forest and a transparent sea very rough. His greatest peculiarity is in the central part, where unfolds amid coconut trees and sandbanks, the famous "Blue Lagoon".


Currency with Trancoso. On the right, the mouth of the Rio da Barra shows a large mangrove. Before the bar, the river forms a cove that provides bath in calm water, as well as across the waves move against the cliffs. Flat beach with coconut trees and very green.

Pousada Catamarã

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